OUR Mission

Sterling International provides businesses around the globe with the blueprint for sustainable performance excellence. We accomplish this mission through our in-depth assessments, critical training and world-class consultants. The internationally acclaimed Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence is at the heart of Sterling International’s vision. It encompasses management best practices used in America’s most successful organizations. And it defines the processes aimed at increasing customer value and driving organizational effectiveness

We work with mid-sized to large organizations in all types of industries to:

▪ Improve their business processes
▪ Maximize their productivity
▪ Boost profitability
▪ Assure quality
▪ Retain employees
▪ Increase customer satisfaction

Sterling International takes the guesswork out of growing a business. By applying proven strategies and establishing efficient processes, we enable organizations to reach their full potential and build thriving, sustainable enterprises. If you’ve been looking for a consulting partner with integrity, passion and a proven system for delivering results