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In helping organizations achieve performance excellence, Sterling International provides training in four key areas: change management, strategy deployment, organizational development and transformative product leadership. Briefly, here’s what each area entails

Change Management

A structured and systematic approach to helping the people in an organization transition to new processes, change management may include:
Instilling new values, attitudes, norms, and behaviors that support new ways of doing work
Building consensus among customers, vendors, employees and other stakeholders on specific changes designed to improve the organization
Planning, implementing and fine-tuning all aspects of the transition from one organizational structure or business process to another

Strategy Deployment

Once a high-level vision encompassing an organization’s mission, core values and goals has been defined, it’s time to deploy that strategy and answer questions such as:
What do we want this organization to be?
How will we get there?
What must we do different to achieve our goals?
What specific areas need improvement?
What action items must be completed?
How can we make this process repeatable?

" Sterling International works in concert with customers to convert the strategic objectives into action plans to achieve goals; assessing progress relative to these action plans."

Organizational Development

Organizations that offer an effective employee experience can better attract, retain and engage the right talent. Developing that experience requires:
Promoting the organization’s values and culture
Helping employees maximize their potential and amplify their contributions
Assessing current processes and working to create positive change
Aligning behavior with the organization’s strategy, structures and goals

Transformational Leadership

A creative style of management, transformational leadership rejects complacency and instead encourages a continued push toward growth and improvement. It serves to:
Give employees a sense of power in directing their work
Consider each person a role model who can inspire his or her peers
Challenge teams to take greater ownership of work
Assign tasks that correlate to an employee’s strengths and weaknesses
Make everyone invested in success

Additional Areas of Expertise

Sterling International can also assist with other areas of organizational performance including strategic planning, benchmarking, developing SMART goals, supply chain management, quality assurance programs, Lean Six Sigma implementation and more. No matter what your organizational or individual needs are for performance improvement, Sterling International can help. to discuss your training and consulting needs. Contact us today !